Orienting & Halving Cherry Pitting Machine


ASHLOCK TYPE ‘RCP’ Cherry Pitter

The ASHLOCK TYPE ‘RCP’ Cherry Pitter singulates, orients, pits, and slices on a continual basis.  Its unique design allows cherries to be pitted while traveling at a maximum rate of 80 feet per minute.  This eliminates the stop and go action, which is common in other makes of cherry pitting machines

An orientation system aligns each cherry so that pits are removed through the stem end pocket.

The slicing unit slices cherries in equal halves on their centerline immediately after pitting.  This unit can easily be installed or removed in minutes to accommodate different production goals.

Change parts are supplied with the machine to handle the full range of sizes normally processed by the brined cherry industry.

Operating Capacity:

The Machine is equipped with a variable speed motor and can operate within a range of 80–160 strokes per minute, pitting twelve cherries per stroke; a pitted weight output varies with cherry size and production speed.

Cherry Size Range:

14 mm through 26 mm

Power Required:

USA: 208-220/440 volts, 3 phase, 60 hz

EURO: 220/380 volts, 3 phase, 50 hz

Water Consumption:

0.5 gal/min, 1.5 ltr/min


Variable speed drive serves wide range of production speeds

Orienting system aligns cherry so pit is removed through stem end pocket

Quick change aligned slicing system

Constructed of stainless steel and food grade plastics

Easy to operate and maintain


 140″L x 38″W x 76″H

3556 mm – 966mm – 1931mm

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