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We have been designing, manufacturing, and leasing pitting equipment for over 70 years and we are the leader in our business. We care about quality.

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World-Class Equipment

Our equipment is designed and manufactured to exceed industry standards.

Producing Quality

Our world-class machinery is easy to use and will allow you to process a quality product without complications.

About Us

The Ashlock Company, for more than 70 years, has been and is the market leader in the design and the manufacture of de-stoning equipment (pitters) for the global food processing industry.

Ashlock Company offers the following range of machinery to satisfy the ever-changing needs of today’s processor:

Orient, pit and halve brined cherries to be used in fruit cocktail applications;

Pitting “stem-on” brined cherries for the production of maraschino cherries;

Pitting of fresh, sweet, and fresh tart cherries for canning, freezing, and drying;

Pitting, ring slicing, and wedging of cured olives;

Pitting of dried prunes (plums) and dates.