Olive Pitting &
Slicing Machine


ASHLOCK Type “OPT” Olive Pitter

The ASHLOCK Type “OPT” Olive Pitter is a 12 station, single rotary turret with disk feed. This design allows the pitter to continuously singulate, orient, de-stone, slice, wedge, or crush.  The “OPT” gives you high yield at high speed, with that all-important ‘Ashlock’ dependability our customers come to count on.

Operating Capacity:

900 – 1,800 olives per minute

Olive Size Range:

 Sub-Petite through Super Colossal

Power Required:

230 V, Single Phase, 230-460 V 3 Phase

Water Consumption:

Est. 0.5 GPM @ 60 psi

1.9 liter/min. @ 415 kP


180 Volt DC drive motor with SCR variable speed control

Built in overload protection

Shaft mounted gear box = no chain or sprocket problems

Central turret oiling system = ease of daily lubrication

7/32”-5.56mm & 9/32”-7.14 slicing, wedging, crushing options

Automated feed level control


63” L x 50” W x 46” H

1600 mm – 1270mm – 1170 mm

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