Date Pitting Machine

ASHLOCK Type 'DP' Date Pitter

Date Pitter

The ASHLOCK Automatic Date Pitter is designed for trouble free operation.  Virtually all components are of stainless steel and food grade plastics.  Simple mechanical operations and techniques are combined in the design of the machine, allowing the unit to be adjusted and controlled with only a few basic adjustments.  Apart from these adjustments, minimal parts renewal, lubrication, and thorough cleaning are the basic requirements to keep the machine operating at the highest efficiency.

Operating Capacity: At it’s optimum speed of 150 strokes per minute, pitting eight dates per stroke, a pitted weight output of 500 to 750 lbs (227 to 340 kg) per hour is realized.  This varies with the size of dates being processed.
Date Types: A variety of Dates including Deglet, Halawi, Khudry, Medjool, Menaify and Sayir
Power Required: USA: 208-220/440 volts, 3 phase, 60 hz
  EURO: 220/380 volts, 3 phase, 50 hz
Water Consumption: 1.5 gal/ min, 5.68 ltr/min
This water is only used at start up of a dry machine until fruit is presented to feed.
Features: Variable speed drive serves wide range of production speeds
  Constructed of stainless steel and food grade plastics
  Easy to operate and maintain
Dimensions: 108" L x 36" W x 72" H
  2745 mm - 915 mm - 1830 mm
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