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The Ashlock Company, for more than 70 years, has been and is the market leader in the design and the manufacture of de-stoning equipment (pitters) for the global food processing industry. Ashlock Company offers the following range of machinery to satisfy the ever-changing needs of today’s processor:

Ashlock Company’s range of pitting equipment is operating throughout the world and removes the pit (stone) without changing the natural shape of the fruit. The markets that Ashlock Company serves are enhanced by excellent sales and service professionals known throughout their region who ensure the optimum operation of our machinery.

The term Ashlock Pitted® is universally accepted as the eminent means of assuring quality in the mechanical removal of pits from deciduous fruit. Further, Ashlock Pitted® and A Pitted® are “called out” by buyers throughout the world to ensure the quality needed that is only associated with the use of ASHLOCK pitters.

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